Residents in Hawaii pay the highest rates for electric power. In 2016, Hawaii residents paid 27.5 cents per kilowatt hour on average for electricity. According to the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative, the average Kauai resident pays upwards of 36 cents per kilowatt hour.

Solar power systems provide home owners the opportunity to take advantage of our favorable weather conditions by providing an alternative renewable power source. On average, the cost savings of installing a solar power system pays for itself within four years.

Home Installations


The loss of revenue experienced by businesses on Kauai due to power outages can have a devastating effect. Shops may lose clients, restaurants may lose orders, and hotels may have unhappy guests. Just as an uninterrupted power supply can save your computer, a solar power system with batteries can save your business.

Businesses experience the same relative cost savings as residents by switching to solar electric, with the important added advantage of continued, uninterrupted power in the event of an outage. Don’t let Kauai’s next major storm prevent your business from continuing operations.

Business Installations

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